Theologian: An individual who methodically training theology or some regions of theology

Theologian: An individual who methodically training theology or some regions of theology

Theologian: An individual who methodically training theology or some regions of theology

Inside Colonial The usa, theologians constantly was in fact experienced pastors which you’ll train prospective ministers inside a college function. Theologians became professional academicians and you can specialist following introduction of seminaries in the 19th century (Reid et al. 1990: 1170).

Theravada Buddhism: Among the earliest colleges out of Buddhism you to definitely considered this new blogs out-of Sariputra, an earlier disciple of your own Buddha whoever sort of interpreting Buddha’s lessons was very traditional and you may highlighted new part of monastic life once the means to fix nirvana (Melton 2009: 1043).

Three Gems: The 3 items that render haven for Buddhists: the latest Buddha, the brand new Dharma (teaching), and the Sangha (Buddhist society) (Prothero 2008: 205).

Around three Marks of Life: Called impermanence, distress, no spirit about Buddhist conception of peoples facts (Esposito et al. 2012b: G-14).

The phrase mode « substance crossing » otherwise « material altering

Tibetan Book of one’s Lifeless: A collection of Buddhist texts concerned about the official between demise and resurgence. The brand new texts describe a good 44-time trip complete with unconsciousness currently from death, reawakening in the a good bodiless form, and the look of one another peaceful and you can wrathful deities (Smith and you may Green 1995: 1075).

Torah: Brand new Hebrew title (« teaching ») generally means both the dental and you can authored Jewish Legislation. More narrowly, it refers to the very first five instructions about Hebrew Bible, otherwise Old testament, and this Jewish believers thought the really sacred text message (Prothero 2008: 287).

Transubstantiation: A good Catholic doctrine that the Eucharistic dough and you will wine could be the muscles browse around this web-site and you may blood from Christ inside the a literal feel.  » It is based on the exact translation of one’s History Dinner on the Gospel levels. This new Benedictine monk Paschasius Radbertus (c.785-c.860 Le) is actually credited as earliest specific proponent of your own doctrine, whilst the genuine identity very first looks doing 1130 Ce. The latest Protestant reformers refuted it philosophy (Reid ainsi que al. 1990: 1184).

Trinity: The brand new Christian term on people regarding God-made regarding around three « persons » (Dad, Young man and Holy Heart). The definition of is actually outside of the New testament, even though the persons of Father, Son and you may Holy Heart is actually stated. The differences within around three was relational and not thought to become a break up of power. Jesus is considered getting new Son out-of God. The newest philosophy of your own trinity is somewhat questionable, to have experts (elizabeth.g. Muslims and you can Unitarians) point out that it’s polytheism, while you are Christians usually safeguard the latest philosophy due to the fact public monotheism (Smith and you will Environmentally friendly 1995: 1100).

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Unclaimed People: Because utilized by brand new ARDA, the fresh new unclaimed population are those that aren’t adherents of every of one’s 236 teams included in the Religious Congregations & Registration Analysis, 2010. So it matter really should not be put since the indicative off irreligion otherwise atheism, because also includes adherents off groups maybe not utilized in such studies.

Unction: This new sacrament of data recovery from the Roman Catholic and you will East Orthodox places of worship. As Vatican Council II, Catholicism has used the phrase « Anointing of your own Sick » instead of « unction. » Which sacrament is dependent on verses on the New-testament books out-of es, in addition to early Christian community. Gothic practice from inside the Western Christianity limited brand new sacrament to the people whom was passing away. Vatican Council II recovered their earlier general purpose (Reid et al. 1990: 1194).

Unification Church: Another religious path founded in the Korea from the Sunrays Myung Moon during the 1954. A full identity of way is the Holy Soul Association towards Unification of Business Christianity. Unification theology will be based upon Moon’s interpretation of Dated and New Testaments. It says one Jesus’ goal would be to restore spiritual and you will real salvation to the world, however, because of his crucifixion, he had been only capable offer religious salvation. Moon says that physical salvation happens compliment of marriage, and thus, Moonlight picks people in the fresh church to be partnered. Their youngsters are reported to be free from a beneficial « fell character » (Smith and Environmentally friendly 1995: 1109).

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